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How TaxGPT works?

Your personal AI tax assistant

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1. Ask Your Questions

Simply type in your tax question into the chat interface. You can ask about deductions, income, investments, filing status or any other tax-related topic.

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2. Get AI-powered Answers

TaxGPT quickly responds to your questions and provides detailed, easy-to-understand answers. The LLM is trained on tax laws and regulations, ensuring accuracy.

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3. Make Informed Decisions

With TaxGPT's assistance, you can  make better-informed decisions about your tax situation. Feel confident in understanding your finances better and maximizing your deductions.

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“It's like having a 24/7 tax professional”

TaxGPT has transformed how I handle my tax queries and file taxes. It’s like having a tax professional on call 24/7!

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Jane L.
Individual Tax Filer

“An invaluable resource”

As a tax professional, TaxGPT has become an invaluable resource. It’s accurate, timely, and helps me serve my clients better.

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John D.

“Quick, efficient, and easy to use”

TaxGPT has simplified tax management for my business. It's quick, efficient and easy to use.

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Small Business Owner

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Frequently asked questions

How does TaxGPT answer my tax questions?

TaxGPT uses the most advanced artificial intelligence LLM with our proprietary data set with up to date tax information to provide accurate answers. It analyzes your query and searches through a vast database of tax laws and regulations to provide you with a reliable response.

Does TaxGPT hallucinate or provide wrong information?

TaxGPT is creating a vast database of tax laws and tax codes. We currently have half a million documents. Our AI stays within the bounds of that information and we have added guardrails to not provide wrong information. However, TaxGPT is still in beta and it's an educational, research and reference tool. TaxGPT answers are not a tax advice. Please always double check the sources and make your own decision and chat with a Tax professional.

What if the information provided is wrong?

We always ask for your feedback after every question to make sure that TaxGPT is providing the most accurate and latest information. Please always double check the sources and make your own decision and chat with a Tax professional. Our quality assurance team reviews your feedback and we ask the opinion of tax lawyers, CPAs, tax preparers and tax-related authorities to double check the information.

Is TaxGPT secure?

Yes, the security of your information is our highest priority. TaxGPT uses state-of-the-art security measures to ensure your data is safe and secure. Please don’t provide social security numbers or any sensitive information to TaxGPT.

What if I have a complex tax scenario?

TaxGPT is designed to handle a variety of tax scenarios, from individual tax filing to complex business taxation issues. Even Tax professionals use TaxGPT as their AI assistant and co-pilot for filing taxes. However, for extremely complex situations, it is always advisable to double check with a tax professional.

Can TaxGPT help me file my taxes?

Not right now but we will in the future. Check us out in January 2024.

I am a tax professional, how can I use TaxGPT AI co-pilot?

TaxGPT AI co-pilot is a powerful tool designed to automate tax filing at scale.

How much does TaxGPT cost?

We offer five questions to per month for free after that we offer a variety of products and services for individual tax filing to AI-powered tax assistants for tax professionals.

Can TaxGPT answer questions about the tax laws in every country?

TaxGPT can answer tax questions about any country's tax laws but the most up to date information is available for the USA and Canada.
Please make sure to mention the country name of other countries to TaxGPT to get the best answers.

Is TaxGPT is affiliated with OpenAI?

Nope. TaxGPT is not affiliated with OpenAI.

What is the difference between ChatGPT and TaxGPT?

TaxGPT is trained on gold standard tax data and sources powered by TaxGPT proprietary hallucination control algorithms. We are improving TaxGPT everyday and in public beta.

TaxGPT is an educational, research and reference tool and no answer of TaxGPT should be considered a legal tax advice.